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is this one of those “aaron carter wants hillary duff back” posts because i’m starting to get scared we’re actually moving backwards in time and i’m really not ready for the bush administration or white people with cornrows

It’s 1997 again. I knew it.

it tru

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Wow Caribbean tumblr, lowkey but live simultaneously

G point me to the island dick

Wow, uh roll call? Uh reveal yourselves?

tun up

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#seriously i might have quit dance school if not for omarion  

this was such a defining moment in my life

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Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On



Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle (320 kbps)


Whining my hips.

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ok yah sephora can take my money

make-up is kinda magic because on my good days i realize my lips shaped like a heart and im like yas bitch it’s expensive lipstick time you better fuck it up 

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Professor gave us a test today. Thankful to have her as an advisor. What happens when the knowledge, experiences, and culture & social capitals that are centralized are from people of color? #SATBronx

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This tea is awful. It’s fucking disgusting. Don’t believe that lazy shit idyllic pastoral landscape on the goddamn cardboard box. It’s a damn lie and if you drink this tea you’ll know the heart of minty darkness

Like OK I appreciate that it tries to prepare you for whats inside by a cute picture on the box. Fresh green mint leaves, and some candy cane sticks to get you in that shitty assfaced Christmas mood. Look it’s even tied with a repugnant little red bow. fuck this tea.

So if you open the box and immediately steep a cup prepare to get one of those cute lil candy canes up your FUCKING NOSE and in your FUCKING EYES because this shit doesn’t know personal space in the same way a demon from hell doesn’t know a loving God.

I hope you like drinking your throat lozenges because here’s a blistering stream an actual menthol golem would piss down your fucking throat while you gag on its candy-striped wiener. 

So you lock this shit in a box for 3 months while you recover from the worst toothpaste-flavored blowjob of your life and maybe get yourself together again. You recover. You move on. Things are looking pretty up and you think back, well maybe that godforsaken tea didn’t really taste like a peppermint Siberia. So you make a cup like the foolish piece of shit you are

and you’re right, but so wrong about the character and nature of your mistake you might as well star in Greek tragedy. You pathetic bag of bollocks.

because in the months its been locked in a top-shelf tomb the life and vehement mint-based hatred for the physical world has withered and desiccated out of its soulless teabag husks.

Now what you have got in your fucking unfortunate mug is a hot steaming cup of fuck you that tastes like the inside of the birch tree on the fucking box, or maybe Santa’s tears mixed with mummy dust, or midwinter leaf litter a vaguely minty dog only rolled in once.

The aftertaste stinks of wax. Why wax? Because it wants to remind you that you’re the kid who ate birthday candles in first grade, that’s why. And every single other bad decision you now regret.

fuck this tea. fuck it, it tastes like a hollow  mannequin of a tea, hot leaf swill unfit to fertilize even fake fucking flowers.Maybe you could tan leather in it. I don’t fucking know but get it away from me and the human race. Fucking shoot it at the moon where it belongs with all of the other celestial fucking seasonings. fuck

I never thought I’d reblog a tea review but here we are.

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“Don’t fool yourself. English isn’t inherently superior, or easier to learn, or more sonically pleasing. Its international usage comes from forceful assimilation and legacy of colonialistic injection. It isn’t a deed that one should take pride in.”
my uncle left this comment on his friend’s Facebook status, a white British man who was bragging about how easy it is to be a native English speaker when trekking to different nations. (via maarnayeri)
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a discussion we had in WLC concerning women.

And for it to reach a point where even black women are conditioned to believe that they should be happy that someone of another race wants them , or to believe that someone is lying when they say this …

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shoutout to all the sensitive black girls

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“That both Mitt Romney and Phil Robertson have and love black grandbabies should remind us that racism is not primarily about individual attitudes. White folks can love individual black people and still build a world that is inhospitable to black folks. In fact, individual and exceptional black achievers are necessary to maintain the lie of racial progress. Their presence has very little to do with systemic change, though.”
Brittney Cooper, White Supremacy Wins Again: Melissa Harris Perry and the Racial False Equivalence (via checkprivilege)
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#hep meeee  
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started from the closet now we’re queer

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look at my baby.

1,000,000 % here for mya doing the nae nae

Present as fuck

So fine.

love this

Love me some mya

I’m so happy omg